Always in Season is a transmedia documentary project that makes the connection between historic lynching terrorism and racial violence today using a feature film that explores the lingering impact of lynching and a 3D, virtual reality project that gives users an experiential understanding of how to prevent mob violence.  With intimate stories of relatives of the perpetrators, victims, and others–Always in Season follows the efforts of descendants and others in communities across the United States who are seeking justice and healing as they work to acknowledge the victims, repair the damage, and reconcile.

For almost a century, tens of thousands of men, women, and children attended the lynchings of more than 4,000 African Americans that often included torture, mutilation and photography. This form of racial violence occurred in every state across the U.S. but four, and for reasons as arbitrary as sheer boredom. Lynchings were at times highly organized and akin to the sport of hunting, and blacks were “always in season.”

Ever wonder about the choices you’d make if you lived during this time in history?

Always in Season uses an immersive, role-playing virtual world environment to give users an experiential look at the choices and circumstances that brought 10,000 men, women and children out in Marion, Indiana to watch the 1930 lynching of Abe Smith, Thomas Shipp, and the 16-year old who narrowly escaped, James Cameron. Not only will this interactive 3D environment give visitors insights into the multiple perspectives of many of the people involved in the events in Marion, but they can also learn how their actions can contribute to or prevent racial violence_all in a facilitated virtual world space. To learn more about Always in Season Island, click here.