Funding Untold Stories For Public Media

It is with tremendous pleasure and gratitude that we announce that Always in Season has been awarded funding from Independent Television Service (ITVS)!  ITVS serves as the leading incubator for public media content and is driven by the conviction that bold storytelling builds a more just society.  Their incredibly talented and committed staff works to present and promote award-winning documentaries and dramas that enrich the cultural landscape with the voices and visions of underrepresented communities on public television and cable, innovative new media projects on the Web, and the Emmy Award-winning weekly series Independent Lens on PBS.

I am delighted by their commitment to helping us bring to a wide audience the stories of people seeking justice and reconciliation in communities where lynching happened. With their financial backing and production support, we are firmly in position to finish Always in Season in the next few months. After eight years in production on this project, it is enormously reassuring and particularly special to go the distance with such a stellar group of people.  Thank you to everyone at ITVS!